It’s Not About Getting in it’s All About Escaping VR0GU3 That Counts

Most virtual reality (VR) developers will try to ensure their experiences are as comfortable as possible, offering various movement mechanics and rotation options depending on the title. Australian team Big Dumb Fun Games has taken a slightly different stance with its latest project VR0GU3: Unapologetic Hardcore VR Edition, even recommending players not to purchase the title if they do suffer from simulator sickness.

Arriving on Steam Early Access this week, VR0GU3: Unapologetic Hardcore VR Edition starts after an infiltration mission has been completed, players have 15 minutes to escape a labyrinthine spacestation and steal a fighter in order to make their escape. Each floor is randomised, so are the spawn locations of all enemies, as players hunt for ammo, medical packs, and weapon upgrade kits for enhancing their handgun.
VR0GU3 Screenshot (3) In terms of the movement mechanics the studio states on the Steam listing: “Please note that the Unapologetic Hardcore VR Edition utilizes a touchpad walking-style of movement, which will likely make you sick if you are sensitive to simulator sickness. We make no apologies for implementing touchpad walking, as our goal is to provide a “hardcore VR” experience, but if you do tend to suffer simulator sickness, we must recommend that you should not buy this game.”

Whilst slightly unusual Big Dumb Fun Games’ Mark Christopher explains: “We see VR0GU3 as a Budget VR title. I mean, it started as an experiment in random level generation, but then grew into its own thing. I was already exploring level generation for STRANGE ALLIES, which is our other, much more ambitious, VR RPG project, and that tinkering gave me the idea to make a deliberately brief but highly replayable VR shooter, which VR owners could share readily with their friends, whether at a VR café or at home. It’s a great fun as a solo game, and brief enough that you can share the experience around.”

VR0GU3 currently has a limited time discount available, dropping the price down from £3.99 GBP to £3.19 until 16th January 2017.

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