Huwaei Hires Former Oculus Chief Scientist LaValle For VR/AR Future

In some ways 2017 has started how 2016 finished for virtual reality (VR), with job movements and discussions on the ever changing role within China.

As you already know if you follow our regular Sunday feature The VR Job Hub, there are always roles appearing in both the VR and augmented reality (AR) sectors. We’ve also in recent months reported on a number of instances of notable workers jumping to new VR/AR projects. Notably from working with Hololens. We’ve also spoken a number of times about the increasing presence within the Asian market at large and the rise of China.


Huawei Technologies are the latest company to acquire someone from one of the big VR companies, this time Oculus’ former Chief Scientist Steve LaVelle, who was partly responsible for the Oculus SDK.

Despite some concerns for what will happen in 2017, Huawei are continuing to investigate cutting edge technologies, such as work on artificial intelligence (A.I.) following their ascent to become the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones late last year.

LaValle, whose last role was as an educator at the University of Illinois, has confirmed he will be becoming Chief Scientist once more for Huawei. Heading research project and working on the development of product lines for VR, AR and mixed reality (MR). Both AR and VR were earmarked by the company in mid-2016 as areas where the company would seek outside expertise.

“Our visions of the future closely align, which is that a holistic approach to VR/AR research and product development is absolutely necessary, and must tightly integrate hardware, software, human perception, and neuroscience.” said LaValle in a statement.

VRFocus will bring you more news about the growing market in China throughout 2017.