HTC Vive Comes Out Top of Sketchfab’s VR Industry Trends Survey

Sketchfab, one of the premier online portals for 3D model and content creators to showcase their work, has just unveiled its own survey on Virtual Reality (VR) Industry Trends asking contributors all manner of questions related to the technology. While the results aren’t too surprising, in terms of creativity in VR, HTC Vive certainly has the edge.

Sketchfab has approximately 700,000 users and received 1000 responses for the survey. The portal found that almost 60 percent of respondents owned a Google Cardboard, while the next most popular headset was HTC Vive with 47 percent ownership. Its closest rival Oculus Rift came only had 29.3 percent ownership just below Gear VR’s at 29.5 percent. Being the creative portal Sketchfab is, content created on apps such as Google Tilt Brush are becoming more common place on the site.

Sketchfab VR Survey - VR HMD Ownership

HTC Vive also comes top of a couple more categories. When asked about their favourite head-mounted display (HMD) respondents gave Vive 57.8 percent of the vote while Oculus Rift was next with 19.8 percent. When asked which VR headset they planned on buying in 2017, Vive led the way with 24.8 percent, Daydream came second with 16.1 percent and Oculus Rift with 14.2 percent. This may begin to change as Oculus Touch gains traction, but only if Sketchfab supports software like Medium and Quill.

Sketchfab VR Survey - VR Consumption

Elsewhere, when looking at how users consume VR between desktop and mobile, the massive majority is on mobile (76.32 percent) rather than desktop 23.68 (percent).

Checkout Sketchfab’s VR Industry Trends Survey for the full run down, and keep reading VRFocus for the latest VR news.