How We Soar: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Released towards the end of November last year Penny Black Studios released its first virtual reality (VR) title for PlayStation VR, How We Soar. A story driven adventure set on the back of a giant bird, the videogame has 26 Trophies to unlock, all of which VRFocus has listed below.

Players take the reins of a giant Phoenix, exploring a papercraft world as they fly through the diaries and works of the ‘Author’. They bring to life the pages of his creations, uncovering his personal story whilst collecting various coloured orbs.

How We Soar image 3

Full Trophy List:

The Bachelor – Complete the 3rd level (Bronze)
The Beginning  – Complete the 1st level (Bronze)
The Calm – Complete the 7th level (Bronze)
The Deep – Complete the 8th level (Bronze)
The Fantasy – Complete the 2nd level (Bronze)
The Home – Complete the 5th level (Bronze)
The Meeting  – Complete the 4th level (Bronze)
The Resolution – Complete the 11th level (Bronze)
The Separation – Complete the 9th level (Bronze)
The Trip – Complete the 6th level (Bronze)
The Void – Complete the 10th level (Bronze)
Cracked Paint – Paint the 7th level (Silver)
First Impressionism – Paint the 3rd level (Silver)
Home Decorating – Paint the 5th level (Silver)
Romantic Period – Paint the 4th level (Silver)
Solo Artist – Paint the 1st level (Silver)
Turnip Prize – Paint the 9th level (Silver)
Hold All Birds – Hold 4 Key Birds simultaneously (Gold)
Picture Perfect – Paint the 11th level (Gold)
Sketches of Stars – Paint the 6th level (Gold)
Surrealism – Paint the 10th level (Gold)
The Art of War – Paint the 2nd level (Gold)
The Truth – Complete the game (Gold)
Watercolour – Paint the 8th level (Gold)
Platinum Artist – Collect all trophies (Gold)

Secret Trophies

Test Bounds
Reach any level’s outer limits (Silver)