HBO Revealing Further Details on WestWorld: A Delos Experience at VRDC

In just over a months time the 2017 Game Developer Conference (GDC) will be taking place in San Francisco as well as its sister event, the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC). The event is one of the biggest in the gaming calendar, with plenty of announcements usually taking place – last year for example the PlayStation VR price and release date were revealed. As it is a conference there will be plenty of talks being held, one of which will be from Home Box Office (HBO) discussing virtual reality (VR) project WestWorld: A Delos Experience.

Taking to the stage will be HBO creative lead, Colin Foran, in a session called WestworldVR: Combining Linear and Interactive Content to Tell Character Centric Stories. He’ll be covering the general production and solving the issues around transforming traditional linear content into an immersive experience.


The official description for the session notes: “Over the last two years, an internal team within HBO has worked closely with showrunners to prototype storytelling experiences using compelling new technologies. The result, “WestWorld: A Delos Experience” is a room-scale VR installation that tells a coherent, character centric story using several new technologies. Combining realtime rendering, 360 video, interactive props and a physical set buildout staffed with actors, the piece represents a strong statement of intent to embrace new storytelling methods.”

GDC 2017 and the VRDC will take place from 27th February – 3rd March at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For further details on the event, keep reading VRFocus.