Freeman Announces Five New VR Services for its Brand Experience Offerings

Companies are continually looking at new ways for customers and clients to engage with their brands, and one avenue that’s becoming popular is virtual reality (VR). This week, Freeman, a specialist brand experience company announced the launch of several new VR products and services to satisfy growing demand. 

As one of the biggest companies dealing with brand experiences, Freeman has positioned itself to support industry innovations like VR that help exhibitors, organizers and corporate clients deliver optimal business results and personalized customer experiences.

Freeman VR_iStock

“As the demand for immersive experiences grows, we knew we needed to bring virtual reality to the brand experience category,” said Richard Maranville, executive vice president and chief digital officer of Freeman. “VR has been the ‘it’ technology for some time, but what we’re doing with VR technology is really going to change the way our industry works and how marketers interact with their audiences.”

The five new VR services that are part of the company’s portfolio of VR product and service offerings are:

  • VR Design Explorer: Go beyond static renders of designs and invite clients to experience and actually walk through their experiences, designs, venues and/or events in true stereoscopic 3-D as if they were right there.
  • VR Product Explorer: Give audiences the ability to interact with products that were once too big, unwieldy, dangerous or expensive to demonstrate in new hands-on 3-D virtual reality.
  • VR Films and Videos: Transport audiences into dramatically different environments and times with powerful 360-degree stereoscopic storytelling. Tell your stories with imaginative computer-generated graphics or immersive on-location video shoots that make audiences feel like they’re actually there.
  • Live VR Streaming: Experience events, shows, concerts and other live events as if you’re actually live in the audience through virtual reality video streams. Viewers can watch through compatible VR headsets, pannable Web players or brandable custom mobile apps.
  • Custom VR Experiences: Freeman’s new interactive content studio can create entirely new experiences like virtual worlds, games, interactive apps, learning programs and more in virtual reality.

“With virtual reality, we believe it’s a matter of when – not if – the technology will change the brand experience category,” said Wilson Tang, vice president, Digital Experience, Freeman. “We believe the immersive ability of VR is an opportunity to tell far more engaging stories and to teach far more interactive lessons.”

In due course Freeman will be publishing new VR guides, articles and applications of VR, so check back with VRFocus for further updates.