Explore the Ever Changing Maze of Blortasia

Blortasia is a VR art experience that's surreal and psychedelic.

For those looking for more unusual virtual reality (VR) experiences on HTC Vive, there’s Blortasia an immersive art maze by Oscar winning visual effects pioneer, Kevin Mack, that’s recently arrived on Steam

More of an experience than an actual videogame, Blortasia is a psychedelic abstract world in which players fly through a myriad of ever evolving sculptures.

Blortasia is designed to engage the imagination and inspire wonder through shape, color, motion, sound, and spatial presence. Instead of recreating art from the real world, Blortasia explores virtual reality as an aesthetic medium in and of itself. Rather than telling a narrative story like a movie, or presenting objectives, puzzles, and challenges like a game, Blortasia transports you into an art installation unconstrained by the limits of ordinary reality,” the official description explains.  

Blortasia screenshot 1

In a statement Mack commented: “The potential of virtual reality as an art form is mind boggling. I’ve always dreamed of using technology to create the ultimate art experience – one that could transport people to places and experiences beyond imagination. Virtual reality is making my lifelong dream an actual reality.”

Mack also created Zen Parade, another VR art experience for the Samsung Gear VR, which was nominated for a Proto Award in 2016 for Best Independent Experience.

Priced at £3.99 GBP, checkout the Blortasia trailer below and for the latest HTC Vive releases, keep reading VRFocus.

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