Eonite Launches Vantage Head Tracker Software for Inside-Out Positional Tracking

Today, Eonite a computer vision company that’s been working on inside-out positional tracking for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications has announced the official availability of its Eonite Vantage Head Tracker software.

Founded in December 2015 by Dr. Anna Petrovskaya, Youssri Helmy and Peter Varvak, Eonite aims to bring inside-out positional tracking to any tethered or untethered headset. Claiming sub-millimeter accuracy and extremely low latency, the system uses a combination of headset mounted cameras, an IMU, alongside computer vision and sensor fusion software to estimate the camera’s position.

Eonite image 2

Eonite’s software has a range of features including: 6DOF (degrees of freedom), static and dynamic real-time obstacle detection, mapping and tracking through multiple rooms – enabling furniture to be navigated, it only needs to use one commodity depth sensor and standard processors and can adapt to a variety of indoor lighting conditions

“With Eonite inside, virtual reality can become more affordable, easier to setup, and more immersive for users. Our 6DOF (degrees of freedom) software is leading the industry in all five key commercialization areas – accuracy, latency, robustness, power efficiency and price,” said Helmy, CEO of Eonite. “Eonite Vantage Head Tracker is a fundamental requirement in the tech stack, and will be an industry-defining solution for VR/AR headsets to accurately operate in the real world.”

“When I began working on computer perception in 2004 with Peter, we recognized it would impact a wide range of artificial intelligence industries and enable tremendous growth in consumer experiences,” commented Anna. “Eonite enables the fourth wave of computing – spatial interfaces like VR/AR/MR – to gain widespread adoption. Computers perceiving the real world like the human eye – that’s what it takes for these experiences to feel ‘real’ enough for common usage, and that’s the impact we’re enabling at Eonite.”

Alongside the Eonite Vantage Head Tracker is the Eonite Reality Insight Software Development Kit (SDK) and Unity plugin. The SDK includes home-scale, real-time 3D scanning and reconstruction supporting persistent virtual content, occlusions and shadows, enabling developers to create life-like MR applications.

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