Elite Dangerous: The Commanders Beta to Add Multicrew and Commander Creator

Frontier Developments’ space simulator Elite Dangerous might not be a dedicated virtual reality (VR) title, but since support was added for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive its grown to be a fully accomplished title none the less. October 2016 saw the last major update for the video game, in the form of The Guardianswith February due to see the next instalment: The Commanders (2.3) Beta.

So far the studio has released just a few teasing details on the forthcoming update, with features such as Multicrew and a Commander Creator unveiled. Multicrew looks to be the major inclusion for this update, allowing friends or strangers to team up and crew a ship together. The feature will allow up to four players to crew a vessel, each with their own role to play. Details appearing on Reddit suggest these will be: Helm (pilot), Fire Control (ship weaponry), Tactical (sensors, shields, countermeasures) and Engineer (power distribution, repairs).

Elite Dangerous multicrew-original

While the Commander Creator will give players the option to customise and personalise their characters with a wide range of faces and features which will be controllable with sliders.

Frontier has said The Commanders (2.3) Beta will be available week ending Sunday 26th February, with further details to be revealed in the coming weeks. When those announcements are made, VRFocus will bring you the latest.