Eagle Flight: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight featured a staggered release when it arrived for head-mounted displays (HMDs) last year. It launched on Oculus Rift in October, PlayStation VR in November and lastly HTC Vive in late December. Featuring cross-platform support Eagle Flight on Steam features 35 achievements to unlock and VRFocus has the full run down below.

In Eagle Flight players control an eagle flying through the streets and skies of a long deserted Paris, that’s been reclaimed by nature. The game has three different modes: Free Flight, Multiplayer, and Story, the multiplayer will allow up to six people to fight it out in the streets and skies, while single-player missions comprising ring parkour and shooting challenges.

EagleFlight_E32016 (3)

Full Achievement List:

  • Fly Like An Eagle
    Complete the flight tutorial
  • Eaglet
    Complete the Notre-Dame chapter
  • Two Birds with One Stone
    Eliminate 2 enemies with one Screech Wave
  • Bird of Prey
    Complete the Louvre chapter
  • Feathering the Nest
    Earn 3 stars on every Feather Rush challenge
  • Early Bird
    Be the first eagle to catch the prey in multiplayer
  • Scarecrow
    Complete the Basilica chapter
  • Hat Trick
    Deliver 3 prey back to your nest in one multiplayer match
  • Free Bird
    Complete the Pantheon chapter
  • Scavenger
    Eliminate 100 vultures
  • Birdie
    Finish an enemy attack with one less Screech Wave than targets
  • Dark Night
    Defeat the Grim Falcon
  • The Sky Is Yours
    Complete the Eiffel Tower chapter
  • Top of the Food Chain
    Eliminate 50 falcons
  • Far Cry
    Hit an enemy from over 500 meters away
  • And Now His Watch Has Ended
    Eliminate 80 crows
  • Loyal Companion
    Earn 3 stars on every Escort challenge
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Notre-Dame
    Gather every collectible in the Notre-Dame district
  • A Bird In Hand
    Earn 3 stars on every Chase challenge
  • Death From Above
    Earn 3 stars on every Enemy Attack challenge
  • Catch of the Day
    Earn 3 stars on every Find the Fish challenge
  • Champion
    Earn 3 stars on every challenge
  • Hot Wings
    Earn 3 stars on every Ring challenge
  • Out of the Belfry
    Eliminate 50 bats
  • Ruler of the Underworld
    Earn 3 stars on every Tunnel challenge
  • Feeding Frenzy
    Deliver 100 prey to your nest in multiplayer.
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Pantheon
    Gather every collectible in the Pantheon district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Louvre
    Gather every collectible in the Louvre district
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Basilica
    Gather every collectible in the Basilica district
  • Magpie
    Gather every collectible in the game
  • Hunter-Gatherer – Eiffel Tower
    Gather every collectible in the Eiffel Tower district
  • Well-Traveled
    Fly for 1,609 km total
  • Apex Predator
    Eliminate 1000 enemies in multiplayer
  • Ruling the Roost
    Collect all other achievements
  • Well-Fed
    Win 200 games in multiplayer