E McNeill’s Darknet Confirmed for PlayStation VR Release in 2017

Indie developer E McNeill has become renowned for creating strategy titles for Samsung Gear VR. His first was Darknet, which began way back in 2014, then last year saw the release of Tactera. Then last week saw the launch of his third virtual reality (VR) project, SkylightToday Archiact Interactive has announced a partnership with McNeill which will bring the award-winning Darknet to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR.

Darknet is a strategy/ puzzle videogame in which players are cast as elite hackers, combing cyberspace using viruses, worms and other digital exploits to steal data as quickly as possible. Its gameplay mechanic has seen Darknet win awards such as Best Gameplay at the Proto Awards, and win an Oculus VR Jam.

Darknet - PSVR

But Darknet was built for mobile, so when moving it across to PlayStation VR Archiact has refined and tailored the experience for SIE’s head-mounted display (HMD), with the final version adding several new improvements. On the PlayStation.Blog the studio state: “Full audio integration has been added for Dualshock 4, which brings another layer of immersion to the up-close-and-personal hacking experience. We also couldn’t resist sneaking in some new art; players will notice enhancements to areas such as the in-network nodes, the user interface, and the main menu. And of course, we created some new PS VR Trophies for you all to hunt down and collect.”

Archiact hasn’t confirmed an exact launch date, simply saying ‘early 2017’, so for further details on Darknet, E McNeill, or Archiact Interactive, keep reading VRFocus.