Update: Digital Domain Showing Sneak Preview of VR Series Monkey King at CES 2017

While CES 2017 may not have started yet there’s still plenty of news coming from the Las Vegas event. The latest comes from Digital Domain announcing that a sneak preview will be showcased at the event for its upcoming original virtual reality  (VR) series Monkey King.

Partnering with HTC Vive and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the teaser will be on display at the Vive booth and on mobile VR headsets powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processors in the company’s booth. The Monkey King will be Digital Domain’s first cinematic VR experience, an episodic fantasy series starring supernatural simian Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King, one of the most famous literary figures in Chinese mythology.

HTC Vive mixed image

“HTC Vive and Qualcomm Technologies are providing consumers with powerful technologies for experiencing the full potential of virtual reality,” said Daniel Seah, CEO, Digital Domain. “CES attendees using Vive headsets and headsets powered by Snapdragon processors can enjoy VR experiences that are more responsive and immersive than was ever before possible. We are very glad to work with these companies to share our Monkey King sneak preview at CES.”

“It’s our pleasure to work with Digital Domain to unveil its sneak preview of Monkey King,” said Mr. Raymond Pao, Vice President, VR New Technology, HTC. “The renowned artists at Digital Domain bring imagination to life in stunning detail, and high-quality content like the ‘Monkey King’ experience will inspire consumers to make VR entertainment a part of their everyday lives. We believe that computer-generated experiences like ‘Monkey King’ will help usher the entertainment industry into a new era, bringing immersive visual experiences to captivated audiences.”

“Our new flagship Snapdragon 835 processor is designed to meet the demanding requirements of advanced, highly engaging mobile virtual reality content like Monkey King, on thin and light mobile designs,” said Dave Durnil, Senior Director, Advanced Content Group, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “VR will be a new paradigm for how we interact with the world, and we’re excited to work with mobile VR developers like Digital Domain to help them deliver compelling and high-quality experiences on upcoming Snapdragon smartphones and headsets.”

No screenshots or images of any kind have been released yet, but as we get them VRFocus will keep you updated.

Update: VRFocus has now been sent some screenshots for the Monkey King so take a look below.

Digital Domain Monkey King VR Superhero Landing Digital Domain Monkey King VR Power Digital Domain Monkey King VR Jump Digital Domain Monkey King VR Demons