Become the Destroyer of Worlds in Spacedragon for Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch launched just over a month ago and the motion controllers already have a reasonable selection of titles available. Arriving on the Oculus Store tomorrow under the Early Access section of the marketplace for Touch is Spacedragon, the first virtual reality (VR) title from 3lb Games.   

Due to launch tomorrow, Spacedragon turns each controller into a giant, neon dragon with the power to destroy worlds. Players will be able to take flight across the cosmos, devouring planets on route for health whilst fighting robotic armadas and suns that power them.

Back in October VRFocus first reported on 3lb Games creating a solution for movement in VR using motion controllers. This utilised the controllers more intuitively, becoming first asset to be approved for Touch in the Unity Asset Store. Spacedragon uses these VR movement scripts to help mitigate the risk of motion sickness, so that players should find the experience comfortable.

Available on the Oculus Store on 11th January 2017 for $14.99 USD, the first trailer for Spacedragon can be seen below. For the latest Oculus Touch news, keep reading VRFocus.