Bandai Namco Release Two English Trailers for Summer Lesson

Originally slated a a Japanese release for PlayStation VR, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia confirmed there would be a sub titled English language version towards the end of last year for Summer Lesson, but only for Southeast Asia in early 2017. While there’s been on further update on a western release the developer has unveiled another two trailers with English subtitles.

In the first video ‘2nd Contact’, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia showcase’s several new interactions players will have with student Hikari Miyamoto as well as new outfits. While the second video ‘PSVR Extra Scene (Café)’ is a short look inside a cafe, alongside more clothes. Towards the end on the trailer there’s an additional sneak peak at a future update in which Miyamoto admires fireworks and blue skies in a couple of outdoor scenes.

As always VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Summer Lesson and its potential western release.