You Can’t be Sober as Drunk or Dead Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

For many the festive period is a time to sit back relax, eat some good food, and maybe have a few drinks with friends and family. While drinking too much can lead to a few side effects, a new virtual reality (VR) title on Steam Greenlight takes being drunk to a whole new level. Made during a 48-hour Christmas VR hackathon by 8 indiedevs, Drunk or Dead is a zombie first-person shooter (FPS) where drinking is as important as shooting the undead.

Set in a wild west bar, Drunk or Dead has been based around standard VR wave shooters – survive as long as possible in one particular spot – but you also have to drink, which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Drunk or Dead image

According to storyline, a zombie apocalypse has occurred but the virus only happens to affect sober people. So from time to time players need to take a drink from the bar they’re at. The trick is to finely balance how much to drink, as shooting accuracy will be better when sober, but as shown in the video below, a players vision rapidly gets worse making those headshots quite difficult. The flip side is while drunk time does slow. If players get too drunk or too sober then they also lose.

The developers plan to polish the videogame and launch it on 10th January for HTC Vive. For further update keep reading VRFocus.