Wevr Launches Premium Subscription Tier with Psychedelic Experience Old Friend

Back in April, virtual reality (VR) content creator and distributor Wevr launched Transport, a free early access app for Samsung Gear VR that acts as an immersive network collating weird and wonderful experiences. Today Wevr Transport takes the next step on its journey to becoming a premium VR content platform by introducing a yearly subscription. There’s also the debut release of Old Friend to mark the occasion.

Old Friend originally premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this year winning several “best-of” awards in the process, before being showcased at the Kaleidoscope Film Festival. In the VR experience viewers will lose themselves in a vibrant psychedelic dance party brimming with joyful insanity and elegant dance routines. The animated VR music video experience was created by filmmaker Tyler Hurd for the song “Old Friend” by Future Islands.


Hurd’s previous VR offerings include BUTTS: The VR Experience, again a visually surreal yet thought provoking title. This tells the story of a blue man, who is happy in his strange way of bouncing around. While doing this he comes across a sad orange man. He is lonely and depressed, however the blue man takes it upon himself to make him feel better.

For the launch of Wevr Transport’s premium tier there will be four experiences available, Old Friend, Finding Your True Self (by Deepak Chopra), theBlu: Season 1 (Whale Encounter, Reef Migration, Luminous Abyss) and Waves (premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2016). The premium tier will have an annual subscription rate of $20 USD for HTC Vive users, while Gear VR owners have to pay $8. With it Wevr wants to embrace and nurture VR creatives, helping establish a sustainable business model for that community to continue to evolve and flourish for years to come.

Old Friend will also be available through Steam / Viveport / and Oculus Store for $2.99 on from 22nd December 2016. For all the latest Wevr updates, keep reading VRFocus.