Unity’s Experimental Build of EditorVR Now Available

It’s been in the works for sometime but today Unity Technologies released the long awaited experimental build for its EditorVR, giving Unity users the ability to create projects directly in virtual reality (VR).

The company has been releasing details of the build for awhile, with the most recent at Unite 2016 just over a month ago. Timoni West, Principal Designer at Unity confirmed the upcoming release in a tweet yesterday, with the company releasing an official blog posting today with all the links needed to get started straight away.

Unity Editor VR - Project View

Compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Touch, the Unity EditorVR will help developers with initial layouts of VR scenes, making tweaks to existing VR scenes, making adjustments to components using the Inspector workspace and building their own custom VR tools. The experimental build looks to include many of the features Unity has been demoing at past events such as Project View and Workspace. Project View gives a developer access to their project files on the left hand side of the controller, while on the right game assets are shown for ease of use. While Workspace is essentially a 3D Unity window which Project View appeared in. Workspace as with any normal 2D window can be resized to suit requirements.

Another feature users will be able to experiment with is Tools.  These are VR specific extensions to EditorVRand at Unite 2016 two were shown, Creations, which gives developers the option to SDF sculpt there and then, and Tvori, a camera tool for recording the movement of items – useful for quickly prototyping animations.

There’s going to be plenty more news on EditorVR as Unity roles out further updates, so keep reading VRFocus for all the latest details.