Tower Defense Siege Hammer Now Available on Oculus Store with Touch Support

Early last month VRFocus reported on developer MyDream Interactive debuting its next virtual reality (VR) at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in California. A tower defence title called Siege Hammer, its main control schemed uses gaze based interactions, but with its launch on Oculus Store this week Siege Hammer also supports Oculus Touch. 

Just as with any other tower defence videogame Siege Hammer is all about careful placement of towers to destroy wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. Currently listed as an early access title on Steam but not on Oculus’ Store, the videogame features two realms with five different invaders, four useable towers with three upgrade tiers and 15 waves for each level.

Siege Hammer screenshot 2

Rather than having one viewpoint, or complete freedom of movement, Siege Hammer employs a sliding rail system which players can travel across to get the best vantage point. This is especially important when using the titular hammer, which can be used to inflict damage on precise areas, attacking designated enemies that are getting through defences.


“Building upon the well-received launch of Siege Hammer, we’re continuing to expand to new devices and add hours of play,” said Andrew Leker, COO of MyDream Interactive and the game’s lead designer. “Siege Hammer combines the beloved building and resource collection elements of traditional tower defense with the intensity of first-person attack. It’s easy and comfortable to play, with a challenge ramp for players of all skill levels.”

Siege Hammer is available to purchase on Oculus Store for £9.99 GBP, or on Steam for a 33 percent discount, dropping the price from £10.99 to £7.36.

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