Team17’s Lethal VR Gets a PlayStation VR Release Date

Worms developer Team17 dipped its toe into the virtual reality (VR) market last month when it published Three Fields Entertainment’s HTC Vive title Lethal VR. At the time Team17 also mentioned planned support for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR, but didn’t give a date, Today that’s now been confirmed.

Lethal VR is a pure first-person gallery shooter that’s all about fast reactions, pinpoint aim and deadly skill. Taking on the role of an FBI recruit being assessed for their gun skills, players are tasked with a variety of challenges to complete, mixing up stationary targets, moving ones, hostage situations and more. This style of videogame tends to stick with a wide assortment of guns and Lethal VR does just that, with pistols, revolvers, Uzi’s, semi-automatic pistols and more. But it also adds in some knife throwing for good measure. Being as accurate with a knife as using a gun are two different things, and it’ll take a steady hand and keen eye to master some of the trickier challenges.

Lethal VR Screenshot

The title features over 30 missions to complete, with a local leaderboard for family and friends to compete against. Checkout the VRFocus review of the HTC Vive version to see what we thought of the title.

Lethal VR will be available to download for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store on the 20th December 2016 for £9.99gbp/$14.99 USD/14,99 €, with a limited time 20 percent launch discount available.

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