Studio Liddell Representing UK at VRX Virtual Reality conference in San Francisco

Today Manchester, UK-based CG animation and interactive company Studio Liddell has announced it’s been chosen by the Department for International Trade (DIT) as one of a select group to represent the country at the VRX Virtual Reality conference in San Francisco.

VRX which takes place this week is one of the largest virtual reality (VR) conferences in the world.

Studio Liddell

Studio Liddell is renowned for its children’s TV and advertising animation, and its been expanding into VR and augmented reality (AR). One of the company’s most recent projects was MS: Inside Out for Merck Pharmaceuticals and Digitas Health. This allows users to learn about typical Multiple Sclerosis symptoms via a VR experience which places them inside the brain of someone with the condition on the Samsung Gear platform.

Peter Caddock, Head of New Technologies at Studio Liddell said: “We’re honoured to be invited on this trade mission to help represent the UK’s Virtual Reality industry at VRX. Our objective is to promote our company as a creator of VR experiences and form new partnerships with American & global contacts. We feel taking part in the DIT mission will greatly help us with our goals.”

The VR conference and takes place in San Francisco, California on the 7th & 8th December. The DIT mission will compliment the conference with visits to major US VR companies and a reception at the British Consulate.

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