SteamHammerVR Gets New Early Access Release Date

Its been a bumpy road this year for developer GamestormVR and its virtual reality (VR) title SteamHammerVR. The videogame was successfully Greenlit on Steam but two Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns were unsuccessful. While the studio originally planned on releasing SteamHammerVR earlier this month, its now confirmed a release date for next week.

Set in a Steampunk style world of Victorian London, as the name implies SteamHammerVR puts steam powered weaponry in the hands of players. They must face the animal-based automated enemies of Professor Rattwurm who wishes to enslave England with his clockwork creations, ranging from rats, to lions and even a steam Kraken. At players disposal are a range of six steam themed weapons, from the titular Steam Hammer, to the Rotor Hammer, Rotor Saw and Tesla Ray, all of which are upgradeable.

SteamHammerVR screenshot

GamestormVR plans to keep SteamHammerVR in early access for around 60 days, with the full launch including several additional mission areas and features. These will include: Seek and Destroy, allowing players to go back to any completed mission area, they can choose their weapon loadout and choose the automaton foes to battle. There will also be a two person multiplayer mode.


“People are a little critical of wave shooters right now and said they didn’t just want to stand and fight, so we have added a really clever teleport system that changes the strategy of gameplay,” said Head Programmer Tomasz Kirsz.

SteamHammerVR will arrive on Steam Early Access on 6th, January 2017. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.