ROM: Extraction: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

First Contact Entertainment’s debut virtual reality (VR) title ROM: Extraction arrived last week for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. A first-person shooter (FPS), ROM: Extraction features 15 Steam Achievements to unlock, which VRFocus has listed below.

ROM: Extraction combines frantic FPS action with a time bending mechanic called ‘Reflex’. Players throw orbs at enemies with one hand while the other contains a gun that slows time. This can also be used to ignite the orbs for devastating explosions.

ROM Extraction screenshot 7

Full Achievement List:

  • Strike
    Destroy an enemy using the Standard Orb
  • Skeeter
    Destroy an enemy by shooting a Standard Orb mid-flight
  • Can’t Hide
    Destroy an enemy in cover using the Homing Orb
  • You did good, kid
    Complete the Normal difficulty without dying
  • Threefer
    Destroy three enemies using one Standard Orb
  • Stick’em
    Destroy an enemy with a direct hit from a Clinger Orb
  • Trick Shot
    Bounce one Orb off of another Orb and destroy an enemy
  • Hat Trick
    Destroy three enemies in a row using the Sequencer Orb
  • Enforcer
    Destroy 40 enemies in one round
  • Relentless
    Complete the Hard difficulty without dying
  • Slayer
    Destroy 50 enemies in one round
  • Wipe Out
    Destroy ten enemies with one Splitter Orb
  • Eliminator
    Destroy 60 enemies in one round
  • I survived, but all I got was this lousy achievement
    Complete the Survive difficulty without dying
  • Perfect Game
    Complete any difficulty by only throwing Orbs