Oculus’ CEO Brendan Iribe Steps Down to Lead Internal PC Focused Group

As one of the most well known individuals in the virtual reality (VR) industry, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, has been at the forefront of this new revolution, helping guide the company – along with Palmer Lucky, John Carmack, Michael Abrash and more – to where it is today. But in a statement on Oculus’ Blog Iribe has announced he’ll be stepping down as CEO, but staying within the company to head a new group.

Recently Oculus has establish two new internal groups, one focused on PC VR, while the other aimed at mobile VR, both with the goal of strengthening development in their key areas to accelerate the company’s roadmap.


On his decision to step down as CEO, Iribe writes: “Looking ahead and thinking about where I’m most passionate, I’ve decided to lead the PC VR group—pushing the state of VR forward with Rift, research and computer vision. As we’ve grown, I really missed the deep, day-to-day involvement in building a brand new product on the leading edge of technology.

“You do your best work when you love what you’re working on. If that’s not the case, you need to make a change. With this new role, I can dive back into engineering and product development. That’s what gets me up every day, inspired to run to work.”

In terms of who will be heading the new mobile group and taking the position of CEO, Iribe goes on to note: “Jon Thomason, who recently joined the Oculus team, will lead the mobile VR group. Together we’ll work with Mike Schroepfer, CTO of Facebook, to find a new leader for the Oculus team. I’m thrilled to be on the front lines of creating the next leap forward in VR. We’ll continue investing deeply in research and development in computer vision, displays, optics, graphics, audio, input, and more to create the breakthroughs that will unlock new form factors and experiences.”

As further details on Oculus’ internal re-positioning of roles are revealed, VRFocus will keep you updated.