Oasis Games Adds New Multiplayer to PlayStation VR Exclusive Pixel Gear

Not long after Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) launched PlayStation VR back in October, Chinese publisher Oasis Games released its second title for the platform, Pixel Gear. Today the studio has announced the first update, changing the single-player videogame into a multiplayer.

Rather than an online multiplayer, Oasis Games has instead chosen a local multiplayer route, enabling up to three players can join the action with a DualShock controller, offering 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2 and 1 vs 3 game modes.

Pixel Gear multiplayer image 2

For this new mode the player wearing the PlayStation VR uses a PlayStation Move controller to wield a laser pistol with unlimited ammo. They must then stop the other players from collecting enough coins in the allotted time. The other gamers playing on the TV will be disguised as monsters from the single-player game mode, or various objects to fool the player in virtual reality (VR). The local players also have several other tricks available to avoid getting caught.

And whoever is wearing the PlayStation VR must choose their shots wisely. They may have unlimited ammo, but shooting a monster or object not controlled by another player will give the local team coins helping them reach their goal.

Developed by Geronimo Interactive and published by Oasis Games in North America, Europe and select countries in Asia, Pixel Gear can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for $10.99 USD.

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