New Level for The Climb Inspired by Iceland

Its been known for a while that Crytek’s climbing title The Climb would support Oculus Touch once the controllers arrived. Early last month Niels Stoelinga, Gameplay Programmer for The Climb revealed the upcoming Touch update would include a brand new level without going into details. Now Crytek has unveiled the first image and info.

The new level ‘North’ has been inspired by the iconic landscape of Iceland, with snow-capped peaks and volcanoes set in the distance. As the image below shows, players will now be able to climb shear ice covered cliffs, with the terrain and the Oculus Touch controllers offering new challenges for seasoned players.

The Climb - North

Alongside the new level the update introduces new player-customization options and a range of accessories designed specifically for the North setting.

There’s going to be plenty of content for those that have ordered the new £190 GBP controllers with developers revealing launch day titles. For anyone that’s pre-ordered they’ll get The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge for free, with Dead and Buried, Medium and Quill all available from Oculus Studios. Third-party titles include Funktronic Labs’ Cosmic Trip, COLOPL Inc.’s Dig 4 Destruction, Fierce Kaiju’s Viral EX, I-Illusions Space Pirate Trainer,  PlaySide VR Zombie Riot, and South Korean developer HandMade Game’s CRANGA!: Harbour Frenzy.

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