New Ace Combat 7 VR Footage Showcases Gameplay at Bandai Namco Thank You Festival

At the 2015 PlayStation Experience Bandai Namco revealed the first teasing footage of Ace Combat 7 whilst confirming support for PlayStation VR. Then at this years PlayStation Experience a couple of weeks ago, a new trailer featured during the keynote showcase. While the video certainly looked impressive, actual gameplay sequences were lacking, with clips only lasting a couple of seconds. This weekend, footage shot at a recent event showcases far more of Ace Combat 7.

The video – shot at the Bandai Namco Thank You Festival in Goyang, South Korea – records almost six minutes of gameplay using the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD). It begins with the player sat in the fighter cockpit, as it ascends onto the deck of an aircraft carrier. As they look around you’ll be able to see the highly detailed cockpit and HUD prior to the aircraft being launched. After flying around for a short while the player then engages in some aerial combat, switching between lock-on missiles and machine guns.

Ace Combat 7 screenshot


Few details have been released on Ace Combat 7, but the team hasn’t been completely quiet. This month Famitsu interviewed Ace Combat 7 producer Kazutoki Kono and development producer Masashi Koyanagi reports Gematsu. The interview revealed that the developer only planned to create ‘light’ PlayStation VR mode for the main story, but now the virtual reality (VR) content follows a different direction to the main story.

Ace Combat 7 has been scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 in 2017. And for the latest news on Ace Combat 7, keep reading VRFocus.