Life In 360º: Virtual Reality Surf & Turf, Anyone?

Another day, another example of how 360 degree video is being increasingly used by advertisers, hobbyists, amateurs and professionals alike. Today’s video takes us into the kitchen for a type of video we’ve not previously covered here. I also have to apologise because by the end of this you may just feel ever so slightly hungry.

Today’s video was created by the team from Tastemade, a channel devoted to everything food where they offer tips, and recipes for snacks and more substantial meals. They’ve also been expanding the offerings on their YouTube channel by showcasing meals being made but recorded in 360 degree video so you can follow the chef around the kitchen and also take in the various instructional graphics.

This week’s effort from their “Hors d’oeuVRes” collection has Guy Turland showcase his take on some classic surf and turf, with a Lobster Roll – which does involve preparing the lobster itself. So if you have any strong feelings about cooking lobster from a torpa state just bear that in mind.

Life In 360 returns to VRFocus on Friday, but be sure to check out the rest of the news as there’s plenty of developments going on in 360 degree video at the moment.