Life In 360º: Adventures In Time

Friday is here once again, as we come to the end of another week on VRFocus and begin our approach to our usual ‘Christmas Mode’ which will see Life In 360º become a daily occurrence and myself, Peter and the other Kevin receive some much needed time off.

It’ll never last, of course.

Don’t worry as there’ll still be plenty of news and features throughout the rest of the year and we’re still several days away from that period even beginning. We will of course still be about. Before we get to the main event of just over a week’s time we have to navigate today’s video which is an eight minute adventure through time and space courtesy of the Super Sathvik YouTube channel.

The 360 degree short sees you take on the role of a visitor to the top secret Time Travel Research Centre where you will become make history and become the first participant to successfully travel to another time. That or… well, we’ll discuss that if you fail. Okay? Just remember, if, or rather when you get to the past (or even the future)  don’t talk to anyone. Doing so would be bad.

Follow the scientist’s (Naveen Maremanda’s) instructions and everything will, I’m sure, be fine. Life In 360º will see you again on Monday. I hope.