Life In 360°: Zuckerberg Family Values

Welcome back to Christmas week at VRFocus! Everything is going to get all kinds of crazy over the next two weeks as we roll through Christmas and New Year and into 2017. Then of course we have CES to concern ourselves with and everything kind of gets mad at that point…

Christmas is however a time for children. For bringing a special kind of magic into their lives, as I would imagine they bring a special kind of magic into the lives of their parents. Seeing a parent and a young child bonding, sharing an important moment at a young age always brings a smile and in this case that’s certainly true. Today’s video is one such event, shared with us by someone you know.

Whatever you think about Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg there’s a certain joy at seeing his young daughter Max tottering around now that she’s begun walking. And though distracted by the 360 degree camera (she clearly wanted to know the stats of the camera) and by the Zuckerberg’s dog having no time for a plushy interloper into the family home, Max does indeed toddle over to her Daddy for a hug in the video released over the weekend.

All together now: Awwwww.

Such moments being filmed in 360 is an evolution of course of that which came before. From photos to video and now 360 degree video. How long before we’re able to capture such moments in fully explorable virtual reality (VR) memories? All that’s is the future though, and something Max could well find herself doing with her own daughter. Whatever the case, a nice little snapshot of a happy family moment.

Unless you were the plush dog of course.

VRFocus will be back with another Life In 360° on Wednesday. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest news and features throughout today and the week.