Life In 360°: There’s Snow Substitute

Welcome to December the 26th. I hope you’re all recovered from the festivities of the day before and didn’t overindulge. Well, not too much anyway. Before you ask, no, there is no boxing related video for Boxing Day. We are in the world of sport however and we are again on our travels, this time off to South America and Huacachina in Peru – and something close to the opposite of what we followed last week in San Franscisco.

The 360 degree video, courtesy of the The New York Times, follows a group of teenagers who desperately want to snowboard. However, if your geography is on point you’ll be aware that whilst snow can be found in Peru it certainly isn’t everywhere. That doesn’t stop an inventive mind however, and so if there’s no snow the teens make do with something else.


VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another 360 degree video.