Life In 360°: The Man and the Methods of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Those that follow politics to any general degree will likely have heard of Rodrigo Duterte, the current President of the Philippines, whose been a controversial figure in the eyes of many politicians and organisations. Recently media outlet Russia Today (RT) released a 360-degree video interviewing Duterte alongside showcasing some of the country.

Duterte was voted into office in May with a campaign that focused on combating the illegal drug trade and clamping down on crime. RT’s 360-degree video swaps between a one-on-one interview with Duterte discussing his policies, to shots of RT visiting a local prison, going on patrol a market with armed soldiers, and visiting a police academy.

VRFocus will be continuing its daily Life In 360° in the run up to 2017, so stay with us for more immersive videos.