Life In 360°: Oh, What An Atmosphere!

Veorama 360° want to go to space. Well, not exactly. They’re just frightfully keen to send a camera up into the stratosphere in order to record some high quality video footage in 360 degrees.

Sounds reasonable.

The German-based team are doing so via an Indiegogo campaign, which at the time of writing has actually been successful in raising the money required but still has ten days remaining should you wish to get involved. (Which you can do so here.)

We’ve a few quick videos from Veorama for you to see, starting with the video for the Indiegogo campaign and moving on from there to two videos filmed in Oman.

VRFocus will bring you more news of Veorama’s plans after the campaign finishes. Life in 360° will continue with more videos filmed in 360 degrees next week.