IndoTraq Updates Firmware to Allow Multiple System Connections for Wider Coverage

Currently, mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View don’t offer depth tracking, allowing users move their heads in and around virtual environments. Companies are looking into ways to achieve this through various means, one of which is IndoTraq. VRFocus first reported on the company back in January when it announced its system at CES. The development kit then went live a few months later, and now IndoTraq has launched its next firmware update adding a wealth of new features and improvements.


IndoTraq’s system works by having a head-mounted sensor followed by four ‘anchors’, or sensors, that then track the user. The current system supports up to eight anchors, to provide better coverage and precision in non-line of sight conditions.

With the new update IndoTraq has added a mesh network that can accommodate up to 32 anchors, resulting in an even greater coverage area with multiple systems being able to connect together.

Also included are several tag updates. The tag refers to the sensor built into the headset mounted part of the kit and with the new update 128 tags can be supported with the new mesh network. Other features include digital inputs and outputs being added to the tags.  Thus allowing a tag to be placed inside objects. Tags can also see other tags, so that one tag can track a position, whilst at the same time transmit information about other tags.

For those interested in the development kit, the system costs $3,500 USD and can be purchased directly on the IndoTraq website. For further updates on the motion tracking system, keep reading VRFocus.

Full update changelog:

High Speed Network (Current Systems)

  • Supports up to 8 anchors.

o    The more anchors the better the precision in non-line of sight conditions.

  • Allows automatic anchor location configuration to work with either triangle or rectangle set-up.

o    Rectangle formation provides better coverage in a large space while improving performance and Z-Axis tracking

NEW:  Mesh Network

  • Accommodates up to 32 anchors and 128 tags initially.
  • Allows multiple IndoTraq systems to connect, resulting in a much larger coverage area.
  • Update rate dependent on number of anchors and tags used.

Tag Updates

  • Digital inputs and outputs have been added to the tags.  This allows a tag to be placed inside the object (i.e. ball, bat, and gun) that is part of the VR experience.
  • Tags can now “see” other tags. This allows one tag to track position and, at the same time, transmit information about other tags such as a tracked item directly to your Head Mounted Device (HMD).
  • Tags can now output GPS coordinates, in addition to (X,Y,Z) coordinates.  This will allow the IndoTraq system to interface with other devices that can accept GPS coordinates, including drones.

Support technology

  • Mobile phone app to determine optimum anchor placements by graphically showing wireless signal strength between the tags and anchors.

o    Currently available for Android OS.


  • IndoTraq has designed their own autonomous drone to enable in house testing and development.
  • 2016 Winner TIA (Telecom Industry Association) “People’s Choice Award.”

Future Enhancements

  • 3D Measurement