Hunt Drones on HTC Vive This Week

VR Visio has announced the launch of its debut virtual reality (VR) videogame, Drone Hunter VR, coming to HTC Vive next week. The videogame will test the reflexes of players as they attempt to prove their worth in defending the Earth using the DH125 alien hybrid weapon.

In Drone Hunter VR, NASA has detected an alien fleet approaching Earth. The player is set with taking part in a trial exercise to find the right person to man a top-secret US remote-controlled robot created during the Cold War using alien technology recovered in Roswell, New Mexico. The DH125 is the only weapon capable of defending the Earth against the hostile invaders; will you make the grade?

Drone Hunter VR image 1

A wave shooter experience similar to the popular Space Pirate Trainer, Drone Hunter VR will include boss fights punctuating the hordes of enemies attacking in waves. VR Visio also state that a unqiue plot inspired by science-fiction literature such as Ender’s Game and Ready Player One features as a key component of the Drone Hunter VR experience.

Drone Hunter VR will launch exclusively for HTC Vive on 21st December 2016, priced at €9.99 EUR. The official trailer for the videogame follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR titles from VR Visio.