HTC Vive Officially Launches Viveport Arcade Debuting Content on Leke VR’s VRLe Platform

It can be hard to keep up with all of HTC’s virtual reality (VR) initiatives, from Viveport and Viveport M, to Vive X, Vive Studios and the Global Virtual Reality Association. There’s also Viveport Arcade a content management and distribution platform giving VR developers an end-to-end solution for monetizing their content at physical locations. Today HTC Vive has announced the official launch of Viveport Arcade, with the first batch of exclusive Viveport Arcade content available on Leke VR’s VRLe platform.

Through this partnership, Vive and Leke VR will jointly promote the development of the VR offline experience store market, making the content available in all of Leke VR’s offline experience stores through the VRLe platform, while Vive will be in charge of operations management and market support for the content in order to ensure an optimized VR experience for consumers. The partnership also stipulates that different feature content will be recommended to offline users each season.

HTC Vive mixed image

“This strategic partnership between Vive and Leke VR is a clear win-win for the both parties, while also helping to accelerate advancement of the VR industry as a whole in China,” said Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC. “Leke VR has extensive offline channels, while we bring a broad range of high-quality content through Viveport Arcade that has been optimized for out-of-home entertainment. By combining resources, consumers, VR developers and VR arcade operators will all benefit.”

Viveport Arcade is an all-in-one solution that calculates billing by duration of play, ensures accurate revenue allocation between operators and developers, and manages VR content and control charges. With VR’s niche user base developers are continuously striving to find new ways to monetize products, and Viveport Arcade aims to create more diverse profit models and wider user channels for developers, in addition to helping them distribute content. Also, Viveport Arcade will feature high-quality content that cannot be found online, in an aid to prevent piracy and infringement.

HTC Vive and Leke VR will first deploy at 1000 select Leke VR experience stores by the end of 2016, with the aim to bring more VR content to thousands more experience stores across China. The platform initially launches in China and Taiwan, before rolling out to thousands of locations by the end of 2017. HTC has yet to confirm where these locations are likely to be, and if they’ll be outside of Asia.

“The arrival of hundreds of premium Viveport Arcade VR content on the VRLe offline content distribution platform provides offline VR consumers with more diversified user experiences and brings the total number of titles available on the VRLe platform to 300,” said Evan He, CEO and founder of Beijing Leke VR Technology Co., Ltd. “The objective of this strategic partnership between Leke VR and Vive is to jointly promote the development of the VR content ecosystem. With this major boost, the VRLe offline content distribution platform will seek to continue enriching user experiences and cooperate with more VR content partners set on revolutionizing the VR experience.”

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