Get Ready to Smash Things up on Fist of Physics for HTC Vive

The HTC Vive has been inundated with gallery shooters since its launch back in April, with one seemingly released every week of varying quality. Well today a new wave based videogame has arrived for the head-mounted display (HMD), Fist of Physics, but this wants players to get a lot more physical. 

The premise is simple, players find themselves housed in a giant robot those there to engage in melee combat with other rampaging robots – think robot boxing. While players maybe the size of a four story building, their opponents are even bigger. For this Steam Early Access launch Midas Touch Game states: “The Early Access version of this game features three robots to battle in a single environment, over the course of fifteen increasingly challenging matches. Four different weapons – fist, axe, hammer, and sword – will be unlocked as the player makes their way through the matches.”

Fist of Physics Screenshot 2

“Our proprietary physics engine brings Fists of Physics to life with realistic motion feedback that looks and feels right—it’s a blast punching giant robots with your fists!,” said Kevin He, CEO of Midas Touch Game in a statement. “When you hit a robot’s leg, its body will sweep as it would in real life. Smack its right arm, and the robot organically sways based on the impact. As soon as you take your first swing, you’ll feel instant gratification from the power of your robot and how the enemies react.”

The studio plans to fully release the videogame in 2017, where it’ll feature six total robots, multiple campaigns and additional environments. Currently Fist of Physics offers two price reductions, the first is any early access discount of 50 percent off the intended price for the fully released version, there’s also a limited time discount knocking a further 20 percent of until 21st December. This means players can currently purchase the videogame for $7.99 USD/£5.59 GBP rather than $9.99/£6.99, with these latter prices going up next year.

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