Geomerics Enlightens About Enlighten In New Dev Diary

A demo is a demo is a demo, correct? Well, yes and no. After all, what needs to occur in order to make a virtual reality (VR) demo come to life. Is it at its heart the same process? To answer some of these questions Geomerics, who develop the real-time global illumination technology Enlighten VR, have begun a series of dev diary style videos.

Last month the studio, which operates as part of ARM, looked into prototyping. For December however it has moved on to the subject of the first playable build. Taking the lessons learnt from the prototyping stage and working them into a consolidated experience. After which things move on to testing and refining of these ideas.

You can watch the video, which features a number of Geomerics staff discussing the process incorporating Enlighten for VR, below. VRFocus will continue to bring you more development discussion from the worlds of VR and augmented reality (AR).