[Update] Epic Games Release Dev Diary for Oculus Touch Title Robo Recall

In the first of a series of behind-the-scenes documentaries, Epic Games has launched a developer diary for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Robo Recall for Oculus Touch.

The video series will showcase new gameplay footage alongside revealing new aspects of the title, and this first video has been called ‘Arcade Action Feel’, showcasing the fast-paced action players will be able to expect.

Robo_Recall_OC3_A4_screenshot_02 (1)

Several of them team feature on the documentary one of which is Evan Champlin, Senior Designer on Robo Recall who says: “Robo Recall feels like a classic arcade game, in the way that it’s a very accessible experience, its the type of thing you can jump into and have a great time, if you’ve got five or ten minutes if you’ve got it, or you can stay and play the whole day.” He adds: “We want you to always be improvising, thinking about different ways you can manipulate the robots, or use your weapons in creative ways, or use the environment in creative ways.”

As you’ll be able to see from the video below, there are lots of combat elements to Robo Recall, from pistols and shotguns, catching bullets and throwing them back at enemies to grabbing robots a literally dismembering them with your bare hands. Robo Recall was first revealed during Oculus Connect 3 (OC3) in October, and VRFocus got to preview the title if you want to see what we thought.

Even though Epic Games has been involved with VR for sometime, whether through Unreal Engine or tech demos like Bullet TrainRobo Recall will be Epic’s first fully-fledged VR videogame when it launches in 2017 for the Oculus Touch controllers. Robo Recall will also include an emergent sandbox experience, allowing players to test out trick shots and develop creative combat tactics throughout the game’s city environments.

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UPDATE: Bullet Train was originally accidentally put down as ‘Bullet Storm‘ (aka Bulletstorm) which is obviously not an Epic Games title. VRFocus apologises for this error.