Epic Games Discuss Narrative & Backstory for Oculus Touch Title Robo Recall

While Oculus Touch owners may not be thinking about what’s coming next year for the motion controllers, with plenty of titles to get through and some even featuring in the Oculus Winter Sale, Epic Games has released a new video for its first-person shooter (FPS) Robo Recall as a little reminder of what to expect. 

Earlier this month the studio released its first developer diary for the action-packed shooter, titled ‘Arcade Action Feel’. Today Epic has unveiled the next behind-the-scenes video, ‘Narrative & Backstory’, which sees some of the team discuss the premise of Robo Recall.


If you’ve been following VRFocus’ coverage of Robo Recall you should have worked out by now that it’s set in a sci-fi future where robots are a common part of everyday life. Naturally the robots have started to go bad and rebel. Playing as an agent from the robot recall department of the Roboready Corporation, it’s up to gamers clean up the mess. Robo Recall doesn’t take itself too seriously, with the robots coming out with catchphrases and the whole rebellion beginning because of YouTube and cat videos, Epic explains.

Checkout the full video below, and keep reading VRFocus for the latest Robo Recall news prior to launch in 2017.