Dare to Enter The Forgotten Chamber on Oculus Rift

This week virtual reality (VR) developer Archiact Interactive revealed its latest project for Oculus Rift, a short video narrative called The Forgotten Chamber.

Available to download for free from the Oculus Store, The Forgotten Chamber is a VR experience in the horror and exploration genres in which players explore the uncharted depths of an ancient emperor’s tomb, and attempt to unravel its many dark secrets.

The Forgotten Chamber image 2

Archiact Interactive developed the experience as a contest entry for a film promotion, then felt the piece deserved to be rebuilt and released as a fully fledged experience. So The Forgotten Chamber got a new story, improved visuals and voiceover. The studio wanted a strong cohesion of audio and visuals to connect the player to the content, so implementing a gaze-driven exploration mechanic allowed players to step inside the ominous ruins without the need for a controller. One of The Forgotten Chamber’s most strongest features is true binaural audio, drawing players into 3D soundscapes.

“When building a new experience, we’re focused on two things: hitting a bar of high-quality and creating engaging, memorable VR content,” said Jennifer Dowding, Senior Producer at Archiact. “Chamber was a passion project and we hope the Oculus audience enjoys it as much as we did making it.”

Archiact Interactive’s previous work includes Waddle Home, a puzzle videogame where players have to save penguins by leading them through a series of traps, supporting Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

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