Yore VR Goes on the Hunt in New Update

A couple of weeks ago Tectonic VR launched its medieval sandbox Yore VR on Steam Early Access.  Supporting the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), Yore VR allows players to create their own ancient village in the woods. This week saw the studio launch a couple of updates, adding improvements and fixes including deer hunting.

Rather than spending time chopping wood players can now head out into the forest with any of the weapons available – mainly crossbows and bows – and hunt deer using Yore VR’s teleport or D-pad movement system. Each weapon will deal different amounts of damage and the deer will require multiple shots to take down. Tectonic VR also plans in a future update to integrate specific target areas which will deal additional damage or impede the animals movement.

Yore VR - Inside image

As well as the hunting addition, the new update includes the option to harvest the meat from slain deer. This is currently only a basic option, and again future updates will expand on this by implementing skinning and organ harvesting systems.

Running in conjunction with the appearance of deer there’s also a reputation system in place. So if a player decides not to hunt, they’ll notice deer are friendlier and more approachable. On the other hand, the more a player hunts, the more fearful the deer will be, creating a much more challenging hunt over time.
Checkout the updates below, and for all the latest Yore VR updates, keep reading VRFocus. Update:

Deer / AI

– Deer no longer get at edge of map
– Deer no longer stop in their tracks like a deer in the headlight when they don’t have a valid path
– Added deer safe spots that they run to when all other pathing options fail
– Deer recalculates path much more often, results is less stuck deer but jerky zigzagging movement, will improve as time goes on
– Deer Health reduced
– Deer Stamina increased

Bug Fixes

– Homemade bow no longer offsets when swapping hands while in belt sphere
– Fixed performance stutter when you hit your first tree
– Reload level button now reloads you in main menu map if you initiate reload from there
– Hand rotation bug when locking Crossbow for first time fixed
– If player walks from locked crossbow the lock location resets back to player
– If swapping weapon from hand to hand while inside belt sphere grip got offset

Changes and Additions

– Drying rack added for drying deer meat, hasn’t been tested much so functionality not guaranteed
– Belt sphere adjusted so it doesn’t stick out as much


0.3.0 Update:

Deer Hunting and AI

Deer Added with LOD’s setup

Deer AI Functionality finished

Deer spawners created – set to spawn deer in the absence of the player

AI Fears radius of 2000 units affected by player noise

AI Fear affected by other deer’s getting damaged or killed

Max Flee distance of 4500 units added

Comfort zone distance of 2000 units added where deer will continue to flee until satisfied

Added blood trails and pooling blood for wounded dear

Living and Dead Flesh Material / Resource type added

GIB’s produced when dead dear flesh hit with bladed Tool

Player Noise affected by their speed

Random deer has random max fear values so some are timid, some are more brave

Everytime player kills a dear, default fear level of player is increased by all deer

Deer will track player with their heads if they are not in an idle state

Players can be spotted by deer visually

Deer take damage from all weapons

Bolts and arrows properly stick into deer