Want to Demo HTC Vive, Now You Can with Store Locator

The best way to understand the draw of virtual reality (VR) has always been to try it, whether that’s trying a friends Google Cardboard or going to an event to demo an Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR. It’s this understanding that’s led head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers to decisively push demo locations into stores, so that more consumers can try VR for the first time. Now HTC Vive is making it even easier to find stores that’ll demo its headset with a new online locator.

Head to locator.vive.com and enter your town into the search bar on the left-hand side. It’ll bring up a Google Map showing the location of any stores in the area which have a Vive set up for demonstration.

Select the store you wish to use for the demo and a new window will appear, is will then allow you to book a time and date (depending on store opening hours of course) for a 15 minute demonstration.

HTC Vive hardware render

This method has already been utilised by HTC Vive’s rivals. Since Oculus announced the launch date and price for its Touch controllers the public have been able to book demos in a similar fashion. And Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has been running its trypsvr.com website for a while now, using it for pretty much any event the PlayStation VR has appeared at.

Due to the space requirements needed for non-seated VR most stores will likely only have one demo area setup, so organising a booking system in this way helps to avoid long queues and irritating customers before they’ve even tried the tech.

Recently HTC started offering free delivery on orders from its website, stating it would be for a limited time although it hasn’t said when that’ll be. Also anyone ordering the headset from now on won’t get Google Tilt Brush included in the software bundle. This has now been removed, so only The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed by Cloudhead Games and Zombie Training Simulator by Acceleroto are included.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of HTC Vive, reporting back with any further announcements.