Vuframe Platform Wants Users to Create and Share VR/AR Content

If you’re interested in creating and distributing your own virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) content, and you don’t understand software such as Unity or Unreal Engine then there are easier ways to go about it. Today Vuframe, a Germany-based tech company has announced a cloud-based app with a web-based self-service interface that can do just that.

Named after the company, Vuframe helps to eliminate the tech barrier for businesses and professionals looking to create apps with 3D, AR and VR features. It does this by offering market-ready app templates for quick, real-world use cases, such as real estate marketing, sales of industrial goods or mobile commerce.

Vuframe live-image-2 copy

There are three easy steps to the Vuframe service, firstly register for free on vuframe.com and upload any ?le, document, or any type of immersive content (3D models, laser scans, web links, 360 fotos and videos). The software works with Vuforia, Unity, GoPro, Stetchfab, Matterport and more.

Then enrich that content by adding information and interactions in the online editor. The editor includes tools such as hotspots, overlays, popups, links, animations and more. After which users can then publish and share their immersive content across multiple devices such as smartphones, VR headsets, tablets, online and on PC using links, codes or QR codes.

Andreas Zeitler, founder and CEO of Vuframe said in a statement: “It’s Vuframe’s mission to democratise the way we engage with and use immersive technology and content. We are motivated on a daily basis by the awesome potential held by technologies like AR and VR for making our working lives easier, and for bringing us new and awesome ways to spend our spare time.”

Vuframe is available now for iOS devices to preview content ahead of the full release on 5th December. Support of Android will be added in Q1 2017.

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