Thumper Update Adds Play + Mode and PlayStation 4 Pro Support

One of the PlayStation VR’s launch titles was Thumper, an intense rhythm action title from developer Drool. Now the studio has announced its latest update, adding a new game mode as well as support for PlayStation 4 Pro which launched yesterday.

Called PLAY +, the new mode extends the replayability of Thumper by making it harder and more addictive than ever. Players become a resplendent golden beetle, able to replay all nine levels in the campaign to gain more points and attain even higher speeds than before. There’s just one cravat, players only have one life, die once and that’s it game over. If you’ve already completed the videogame the mode will be available straight away, if you’re new it’ll be unlocked after completion of level 3.


With the arrival of PlayStation 4 Pro, Thumper players get even better visual fidelity, with the psychedelic hellscape shown off in 4K with no upscaling (if you have a compatible TV. And for PlayStation VR users the high quality supersampling and anti-aliasing should enhance immersion even more whilst keep to 90 frames-per-second (FPS).

If you’ve not checked out Thumper yet the videogame puts players in control of a exceedingly fast beetle that flies down a cosmic shoot bombarded with musical obstacles that can be overcome with rhythm-obeying commands.

Available for PC users through Steam alongside PlayStation 4 support, for VR users the title can only be played on PlayStation VR currently. Drool is working on support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to be added in a future update, but hasn’t stated when that’s likely to happen.

Checkout the update list below for the smaller additions that have been added, keep reading VRFocus for any further VR announcements.

Update List:

Improved audio mastering and better volume levels when using headphones (PS4)

In-game volume control (find it under Options > Audio)

Thumper starts up in VR mode if PS VR is connected and powered on (PS4)

Holding OPTIONS button resets PS VR tracking orientation (PS4)

Thumb relief: you can now use R1 in addition to (X) to thump

Quick restart: press L1 to restart from the current/previous checkpoint

Restart from previous checkpoint. Allows you to restart from the current checkpoint or the immediately previous one. If you quit the level or app, you lose the ability to restart from the previous checkpoint. This reduces frustration for players who want to grind out S-Ranks.

Press and hold (X) button to speed up death animation

Hold (X) button on score screen to speed up animation