The Raven VR Showcases Music by Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess

A small indie project that’s growing on Patreon, The Raven VR is a virtual reality (VR) experience based on 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, The Raven. Being developed by Thomas Pasieka, he’s recently unveiled the audio track that’ll be part of it.

VRFocus has continuously stated that audio is a important part of any piece of entertainment whether that’s movies, TV shows or VR. And Pasieka also recognises this fact, on his Patreon page he said: “Good day. As everyone knows, audio plays a very crucial part in The Raven VR experience. Because of this, I needed the best in the business to lend their talents to this project. The piano track was written, and performed, by none other than Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater. (Dream Theater is a two time Grammy nominated American progressive metal band.) The track runs 10 minutes in length and is a perfect fit for this project. The reading of The Raven was performed by the great Barry Carl. (Barry Strauss Carl is an American musician and voice-over actor.) The combination of Jordan and Barry’s talents makes this an exquisite and stimulating experience for the listener.”

The developer had previously teased these details last month when he released several new images of The Raven VR.

You can listen to the new audio track below, and keep reading VRFocus for any further updates.