That Dragon, Cancer Scene I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good Comes to Gear VR

In November 2014 Ryan Green and Josh Larson launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a videogame project called That Dragon, Cancer in memory of Ryan and his wife Amy’s son Joel, who died of cancer. The campaign was a success raising just over $100,000 USD, easily passing the goal of $85,000. Then in January this year the team, now going under the name Numinous Games launched the title across various platforms. This week the studio has released one of the scenes from the videogame for free onto Samsung Gear VR.

That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good is a short snippet from a scene in the full version, retelling a pivotal moment in the Green’s journey where they are given the news that Joel’s cancer is terminal.

That Dragon, Cancer I’m Sorry Guys, It's Not Good - screenshot 2

As the Greens describe on the funding page: “We created That Dragon, Cancer to tell the story of our son Joel and his 4-year fight against cancer. Our desire is to craft an adventure game that is poetic, playful, full of imagination and of hope. This is how we choose to honour him and his memory.”

Designed in a point-and-click adventure style, players experience the memories of the Greens, hearing their thoughts. There aren’t any puzzles to solve it’s simply to be there, experiencing each moment.

“This is where we go to remember our son Joel, up through here along this path. We want to show you who he was, and how his life changed us. Can we walk here together for a while?”

That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good can be downloaded now from the Oculus Store for free and should be a comfortable experience for most users. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gear VR releases, reporting back with any new additions.