Sports Bar VR Receives Major Update, Adds More Games, Toys & Fixes

One of the launch titles for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR was Sports Bar VR, a mixture of pub games from Perilous Orbit and Cherry Pop Games. Today the developers announced the first major update to the videogame, adding several new games to the roster, toys to throw about as well as several fixes.

Firstly the new games, now players can enjoy Chess, Checkers and Shuffleboard all in virtual reality (VR). So you’ve had fun running round the table playing pool, or worked up a sweat on air hockey, now you can sit down, relax and play a strategic game of chess, or if that’s not your game checkers is worth a shot.

Sports Bar VR - chess

But if you want to go back to some mayhem then there’s the brand new set of toys to try out. There’s a ping pong ball gun to shoot other players with, a bouncy beach ball, a baseball, and an American football to throw around should you feel like it.

In terms of fixes Cherry Pop Games and Perilous Orbit have responded to player feedback and adjusted elements such as AI to make the title even better.

These additions add to Sports Bar VR’s already strong line up of options, with 6-player, multiplayer VR hangouts available, darts, Skreeball and more. The developers will be adding further improvements and additional content on an ongoing basis, so check back with VRFocus for all the all the latest details.