Puzzle Experience Nebulous Lands on PlayStation VR

Namazu Studios first brought its puzzle title Nebulous to PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Oculus Rift back in August. Today the developer has widened that support by launching the videogame on Xbox One and PlayStation VR.

Nebulous centres around Commander Dash Johnson who’s pulled through a wormhole filled with giant puzzles and deadly traps. Rather than controlling the character players are in charge of strategically positioning devices such as gravity altering machines, bouncers, conveyor belts and other gadgets to direct Johnson past all the obstacles and toward the exit portal.


With a trial and error style of gameplay, that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master, players will find the Commander fairly vocal about their mistakes, making amusing remarks and one liners as he gets bashed and bumped through the Nebulous levels.

“While we drew inspiration from The Incredible Machine, the classic board game Mouse Trap, the art of Rube Goldberg, and famous insult  comics, Nebulous blends them in a way which gamers have never seen,” said Keith Hundall, technical director, Namazu Studios. “We are excited to have Xbox One and PlayStation VR users experience the game we’ve had so much fun developing.”

For the VR version players use their gaze and head movements to manipulate the various items inside each puzzle, providing a hands-free experience.

Nebulous will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation VR in North America for $14.99 with full English voiceover and subtitles. Namazu Studios hasn’t said when or if the title will appear in the UK stores.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Nebulous, reporting back with any further updates.