Professional Sphericam Beast Launches at NAB NY 2016

There’s a fair amount of competition at the consumer end of the 360-degree camera market, with a range of devices from Samsung, 360fly, Ricoh and others. At the professional grade level there’s not as much to choose from, with Nokia OZO, Jaunt One, and the many GoPro rig formations available. Now Sphericam has revealed its last offering to challenge those at the top, and its called Beast.

Launched at the NAB Show in New York City today, the Sphericam Beast is just that, a large-format, cinema grade, modular and scalable 360-degree video capture system that can stream live to the web or to virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Sphericam Beast camera head

Beast is an entire system comprising the camera and processing storage unit. Inside the camera itself there are four 1” inch sensors capturing 512GB of RAW sensor data (Cinema DNG) per sensor in under 10 minutes. While the storage unit comprises four M.2 SSD drives to enable the camera to capture uncompressed 360-degree video at an output resolution of more than 6K at 60fps and 10-bit RAW format.

Sphericam has closely positioned the large sensors in a portrait configuration to offer a small parallax for easy stitching which can be done live for immediate streaming purposes to HMDs, or through a streaming service at 4k 30FPS.

“For a young venture backed company the decision to address the challenges of the professional users rather than to focus on the large volume consumer solutions is a defining moment. We feel our strengths are understanding the most demanding product and technical aspects of spherical video capture and providing the industry with no-compromise tools to empower a true cambrian explosion of quality immersive content,” said Sphericam founder and CEO Jeffrey Martin.

The Sphericam Beast extends the company’s 360-degree camera offerings which includes the Sphericam 2, a round camera featuring 6 lenses and the ability to record in 4K.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Sphericam, reporting back with any further announcements.