NVIDIA Build of Unity Natively Supports VRWorks

This week Unity Technologies has been holding its annual Unite conference in California. Yesterday VRFocus reported on the company showcasing its latest Editor VR developments, as well as Google using the event to announce the launch date for Daydream View. Now NVIDIA has revealed a new initiative in conjunction with Unity with a specialist build of the game engine for select virtual reality (VR) partners.

Both companies are looking to help studios that use Unity build great immersive videogame experiences, so today they’re allowing certain VR partners to have early access to an NVIDIA-version of Unity Engine with native VRWorks feature support. This build will also include support for the various NVIDIA VRWorks features, including VR SLI, Multi-res Shading, Lens Matched Shading, and Single Pass Stereo.


As an added bonus for studios, the graphics card manufacturer will be introducing a plug-in for NVIDIA Ansel technology to the Unity asset store for free, with more GameWorks plug-ins to come.

“Optimizing VR content is always a huge challenge, so we’re very excited to be working with Nvidia on VRWorks. Features like ‘multi-res’, and ‘lens match’ shading (MRS/LMS) are indispensable tools in the quest to make beautiful, interactive, and deeply immersive virtual worlds,” said Ted Carefoot, producer, Cloudhead Games.

As one of the most commonly used engines in the world, Unity is used by a large portion of VR developers. With VRWorks having direct support means integration of its technologies are a lot simpler for developers working on that platform.

“Improvements in performance and quality are of critical importance to VR applications companies like AltspaceVR, and VRWorks is a huge step in the right direction,” commented Eric Romo, CEO, AltspaceVR. “We’re looking forward to integrating these improvements and are excited to work with Nvidia on this next level of VR.”

VR developers interested in getting early access to this build can apply directly to NVIDIA at:  https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-vrworks-and-unity.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of NVIDIA and Unity, reporting back with any further announcements.